Thursday, September 11, 2008

Freedom Writers - A New Way of life

The blog is no way can be considered as a review of the movie. I wanted to blog about this movie because I liked it again watching it for the 5th time and every time I watch it I find it more meaningful than the last time.

Erin Gruwell’s passion to become a teacher is soon challenged by a group of Black, Latino, and Asian gang bangers who hate her even more than each other. When Erin begins to listen to them in a way no adult has ever done, she begins to understand that for these kids, getting through the day alive is enough they are not delinquents but teenagers fighting a war of the streets that began long before they were born. They were fighting for things without knowing why they are actually fighting for... Erin gives them something they never had from a teacher before - respect.

It's all about an ordinary woman who dreamed beyond the usual and who saw the possibilities where others saw nothing, nothing at all.

I can say, this movie is a step forward for the change the way we see things around us and the way we find answer(s) for many questions that otherwise will remain unsolved & unanswered. I can say a great movie to watch not the usual ones but it has messages to convey this world.


aqua gurl said...

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Lakshmi said...

sounds good ..:)

Alok said...

@aqua gurl - thanks for dropping by at my blog. I am glad you like the blog.

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Alok said...

lakshmi, the movie is better than what I have written about that here :)