Monday, December 11, 2006

Positive Power of Humor

By: Jerry Aragon

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed making people laugh, whether it be by telling a joke; carving a piece of wood; writing an anecdote; or by building my website.

Writing; wood carving and photography are not my passions ... HUMOR is my passion because:
* Humor is the best medicine to stay happy and healthy, but we all knew that already.
* Humor can help to reduce stress, and can aid in the healing process.
* Humor can help all of us to cope in the most depressing of situations and darkest of days.
* Research has shown that the punch line, can increase the bottom line.
* Humor can help to create a positive work place, which can be excellent for creativity and idea development. Humor and creativity jest seem to go together.
* The ability to laugh at ourselves, at all the crazy and silly things we all say and do, is healthy for our well-being.
* Humor can help bring people together, and that is important in the work place, because teamwork is a top priority.
* Humor can help us all to cope with the aging process.

So, my advice to everyone out there is to take plenty of vitamin H on a daily basis.

Humor helps to make us all feel good, and can help to lift our spirits...jest for the health of it!
Love; peace; humor; trust freedom; honor;'s nice to be a part of some of the most important words in the world...

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