Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hello World !!!

Hello there everyone, I am alok! a techie by choice, by profession and a dreamer by birth. Off late, I realised that in life there is no limit you can ever set for yourself that can measure how far you can go with your dreams. Their existence is true to this world as much as it is for you. Every single day passing by me, I try to be a good human being, a good individual, a good citizen to the country, a good employee to the employer, and no doubt there are so many things that I keep on trying to identify the good in them which some way or other helped me what I am right now. I know how it feels to be just ‘me’!!!! Perhaps, the only way I can make this life beautiful and above all this world around me, is not just by what I am, but what I can be!! And that’s where I see myself trying; keep on trying, remain truthful and not thinking about stopping ever!

I believe life is a thread of continuous journeys one after another; journeys where you run, walk, stumble, drive and fly, or lose yourself at many places and times. But you hold your nerves, back yourself not to lose the sight of the reasons for the journey or never miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way before you are rewarded with the destination. In the end; the pains become your fuel, the confidence become your strengths, the flashing moments become your ideas and the smiles become your success for this journey. And then the joy of being with life and walking together is something that I can’t put it here in words :)

So here I am with the bit of me bingeing with my ‘Hello World’ attempt here to share the tiny experiences of life and continuing with my attempts to see this unseen world around me as never before.

Thank you!

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